Bodyguard says Michael Jackson did NOT know Uri Geller was Jewish –erm he wore a KIPPAH at Gellers wedding!! –And other reasons why Fiddes story is false!!

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Matt Fiddes seems be going all out on cashing in on Michael Jackson’s memory. Yesterday he told a new story to The Sun stating Michael had an affair with Whitney Houston and how Michael was being fed anti-Semitic thoughts by a doctor became a Nazi Sympathiser who needed psychiatric “re-programming”
and more of this. Sadly rumours about Michael Jackson being Anti-Semitic have done the rounds for years. still it seems doubtful.
The fact that some of his best friends were: Sammy Davis Jr, Elizabeth Taylor, Uri Geller, Brooke Shields David Gest and Arnold Klein, it looks unlikely.
For a long time he also considered Rabbi Shmuley Boteach a close friend and they toured together to promote the Heal the Kids campaign.
“We used to have him over for Shabbat dinners,” Boteach recalled. “At one point, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was visiting, and I wanted Michael to meet him.”
Jackson’s entourage urged him not to meet with the controversial Sharon for fear of offending some of his fans, but the stage icon ignored the advice and met with Sharon, Boteach said. “Any suggestions that Michael was not friendly to the Jewish community are inaccurate,” Boteach maintained.

Even his kids are half Jewish, because ex wife Debbie Rowe is and so are his God-children’s parents. The neighbourhood he grew up in as a teen was prominently Jewish. In fact most of his Hollywood friends were Jewish including his movie director friends (Spielberg, John Landis), and most famously: his maternal teacher Rose Fine. A teacher from childhood to early 20’s, whom he loved deeply and kept in touch with for life. When she died in the 2000’s he even paid for her funeral arrangements together with his sister Janet. Michael credited Fine for making him a passionate reader.

But no, Michael, according to Fiddes didn’t know any Jews and was shocked to realise that Uri Geller was Jewish. Says Fiddes “Michael had a string of doctors down the years supplying him with the drugs he craved. Unfortunately one medic was a racist who filled his head with anti-Jewish propaganda. Soon Michael began to spout the same stuff. He even fell out with his close friend Uri Geller for two years.

Once I was sat beside Michael when we were driving to Uri’s house and he asked, ‘Matt, is Uri a Jew?’.
When I told him he was, Michael flew into a rage and ranted, ‘Turn the car round now — I’m not going to some motherf***ing Jew’s house’.”
(Wow, those doctors must have learned him how to swear too!!)

Matt added: “We got rid of the doctor filling Michael’s head with rubbish, and we were able to ‘re-programme’ his mind so he didn’t think anti-Semitic thoughts.

All this despite the fact that Michael had known Uri was Jewish even before they had met.

And the fact that Michael was even best man at Uri’s Jewish wedding in 2001, wearing a traditional Kippah. (MUCH more below the pics!!)

If this is not enough to make you question the rumours, here some more prove that these Anti-Semitic are in MJ’s own words “BS”:

Michael asked to be allowed to visit the Museum of Tolerance and its Holocaust exhibit one week before its opening in February 1993. Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the museum, took Jackson on a two-hour tour ending with the vivid exhibit on the Final Solution. “When he left the exhibit, Michael was crying, and he wrote me afterwards that he cried for weeks,” Hier recalled.

Michael and Hier were in touch for other reasons a few years later. Michael’s 1996 song “They Don’t Care About Us,” including the lyrics “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me.”

Hier fired off an angry letter to Jackson, who replied with a profuse apology, declaring that “I am committed to tolerance, peace and love,” and promised that an explanatory note would accompany future album sales.

Michael visited Israel and the Wailing Wall during tours.

Buck Wolf and Melissa Rubenstein reported about spending an evening with Michael as he attended the Carlebach Shul on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for his first experience in a Jewish house of worship. He was — in a black fedora, dark sunglasses, a red silk shirt and iridescent tie — praying among 150 of New York’s most religious Jews. As the rabbis chanted, the King of Pop mouthed amen at all the right moments, almost tearfully. “Michael has a sincere curiosity in Judaism,” said Boteach, who said he tutored Jackson and had affixed a mezuzah to one of his homes, adding: “he really likes bagels.” Boteach and Michael spoke for 2 years on tapes for a possible book on topics which included Judaism; with Michael speaking on how much he respected so many of their customs.
Michael even sang about the Talmud in Jam, on his Dangerous album. In Michael’s library there was also the book, “The Rest Of Us” which speaks of how Jewish people managed to overcome great difficulties. It was reported that Michael had an interest in “Nazi” movies – these movies turned out to be “Hitler’s Children,” “Nazis: Of Pure Blood” – which are both anti-Nazi movies, another was a movie featuring Nazi Zombies.

But, but … in 2005 a taped phone conversation revealed that Jackson referred to two former business associates, both Jewish, as “leeches.”

Yes!! But it has often been said that this tape is doctored. Half the conversation is inaudible at best and it seems absurd he would say this to to Jewish people he actually worked with during that time.
Biggest clue to this tape being fake is that during the time it was released Michael had actually converted to Kabbalah and wore a red string round his wrist, a bendel and was a supporter of the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

Fans have pointed out that many of Fiddes pictures are doctored and that besides holding Michael’s umbrella when he visited London Fiddes never actually worked for Michael.

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