Tired David Walliams admits he needs to say “no” more & reveals constant swim pain

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We have been wondering how David Walliams manages to do so much in just 24 hours every day for a while now.

While the other judges were relaxing and preparing for this weeks finals, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday David was still rushing non stop, Continue reading

Why Simon Cowell should stop editing Britain’s Got Talent and moving to 20:30 is a bad idea

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This year the media and (new) fans of Britain’s Got Talent all cheered the new look of episode 1 of the ITV series. From Ant and Dec’s flash mob to the bitching bromance of Cowell and Walliams, from the Welsh boy choir to the Sugar Dandies to the opera duo it was a big success.

Britain’s Got Talent won to the tune of 12 million viewers, many of whom Continue reading