Five (and a half) comedians influenced by ABBA

abbaWith Eurovision rapidly approaching most of us are recalling the dazzling days of yore where the contest could create lasting stars and songs the whole world remembered.
No act, though, could ever match the massive legend that would become ABBA the fabulous foursome left a legacy that continues to influence new generations.
The most interesting thing is that ABBA did not just touch the gay scene and the music scene, but the comedy scene as well.
Let’s take a look at some British comedians whose acts were touched by Swedish genius. Continue reading

Tired David Walliams admits he needs to say “no” more & reveals constant swim pain

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We have been wondering how David Walliams manages to do so much in just 24 hours every day for a while now.

While the other judges were relaxing and preparing for this weeks finals, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday David was still rushing non stop, Continue reading