Daniel Radcliffe Defends Gay Marriage and discusses his pubes …

Daniel Radcliffe is very outspoken these days. In British Heat Magazine he recently talked about his pubic hair that was on show in his 2007 play Taboo:
“I know! I was like, ‘yeah, of course I do!’ I’m Jewish, man we have hair down there!’ I’m comfortable with my body.
It’s funny actually, I’ve just been having a discussion with the guy who’s directing my new project. It might have a bit of nudity and he said, ‘just to let you know, if you’re getting naked, no landscaping of any kind. this is the 40’s and you’re playing a Jew.’ I was like, ‘Pretty much there anyway, mate! Not a huge amount of maintenance going on.’”

Now, in the latest issue of Attitude UK, Daniel comments on Continue reading