Could David Bowie be returning to us?

After years of quietness suddenly there are murmurs in camp Bowie.
Recently there was the announcement that he is poised to walk away from EMI. Even though the record label is in trouble, it isn’t something he had to do if he was not planning on making music in the future.
Now he has agreed on his music to be used in the upcoming musical “Heroes”. Something he had no interest for in the past.

Earlier this year his website said it would be going through “changes” – if you pardon the pun. The only time the site ever revamped was when an album was afoot.
Late last year Bowie’s bass player Gail Ann Dorsey said in an interview that The Thin White Duke was slowly getting back into music. He is said to have been working on songs for quite some time since then. A source says: “he is thinking of a way of releasing these songs.. He doesn’t know if he wants to go back to being an actual recording artist with a label, as he isn’t up to doing all the things that go with that:
performing his songs on TV, interviews, touring. This is what kept him from
recording for all those years. He prefers to stay home. But he does feel that
the amount of tribute bands and the continued interest and appreciation for his past work and Lady Gaga’s obvious copying proves there is still an interest in him. He keeps returning to the idea of releasing a new track to fans online every few weeks and see how they response. One thing he will certainly not be doing is working with Lady Gaga, even though she keeps begging him for a duet.”
Whatever you’re planning David, we’re ready!!

Published by Dannii Cohen

Dannii Cohen is an author, producer and radio-host with a diploma in psychology. She is a former columnist for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective, The Gay UK and many other magazines.

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