Meet the gay stars of the British Comedy Awards …

Published 2011/12/17 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

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Despite a deserved winning for Graham Norton last night’s comedy awards was a decidedly straight affair.
Still the gay celebs that turned out for the event turned out to be the highlights of the evening: Matt Lucas ’ bitchy comeback to Jonathan Ross ’ nasty dig at his partner David Walliams (who should have been given a special award for that horrible swim). Alan Carr who deserved an award for his performance in the audience alone. And Graham Norton showing why he is a better presenter then Wossy by entertaining two audiences at the same time with his impromptu speech (he had to accept via satellite onstage in Birmingham). And although he is not officially gay it was amazing to see Rik Mayall again after all this time looking happy and healthy and still incredibly funny, and I think his performance of Richard Richards in Bottom puts him on the honorary gay list.
The rest of the show: odd.
Jonathan Ross wasn’t funny, he just slagged off his friends instead of actually coming up with something new. Kylie was lovely as always, so was Barbara Windsor. Most people were either drunk or confused about what was expected of them. The continuing bromance between Vic and Bob: delightful – they should be the hosts of this. The fact that Lee Evans thanked his best friend before thanking his wife: wonderful. Channel 4 once more ending the show before all awards were given: VERY RUDE. This shows a lack of respect towards the artists.
It also seems the judges of the awards were a bit confused about what a sketch show is. Were “Come Fly With Me” and “This is Jinsy” really sketch shows, they had a continuing storyline. “The One Ronnie” was a Christmas one off, not a series (which was the same for “Comic Strip Presents: The Hunt For Tony Blair” which makes me think a “best special” category is needed.) And I thought the winner “Horrible Histories” was a kids show, which also should be different category.)
There were many complaints about the judges and most people think that the wrong people won in almost every category. The biggest problem is that usually a team of judges think about who they want to win, instead of who is actually popular with the viewers. Maybe there should also be a “Nations Comedy Awards”, so the viewers can say who they like to laugh at.


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