The night Mick Jagger , David Bowie , Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood made a vodka pancake

In the year of the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary a lot of untold stories from the band’s amazing past are revealed.
This is the most recent corker, as told by one of the Stones’ past associates.
The insider revealed: “When Ron Wood joined the band Mick Jagger felt like he could relax a little. So he and Wood started
going out with their showbiz palls. The two dudes that they went out with the most were David Bowie and Rod Stewart.
Woody told me that they shared a lot of incredible high jinks: drinking, going out, jamming and –according to Wood: drinking again.
One drunk night though, they decided they wanted to do something else. It was raining on a spring night, they had crashed at Jagger’s and were desperate for something to do. After a long time it was Wood who suddenly suggested that it was time to find out how a vodka pancake would taste. All agreed that it would be great to share that experience.
So the group of adult teenagers high jacked Jagger’s kitchen, and started making pancakes.
Needless to say they drank more vodka then they put in the batter. Naturally, to make a long story short, it was inevitable that the four rockers got into a heated argument about what should or shouldn’t be put in the batter, when it should be put in and how long pancakes should be baked.
Legend has it that it was either Rod Stewart or Ron Wood who threw the first blob of batter, but it doesn’t really matter, because in a matter of moments the entire kitchen looked like a battlefield with four world famous rockers pelting each other with the dough of vodka pancakes. Woody said it looked like a cartoon series or a slapstick.
In the end the pelting resulted in some friendly wresting. Roaring with laughter they rolled through the batter, milk, vodka and flour.
Then early the following morning Mick’s then wife Bianca found the four superstars on the kitchen floor, covered in dough and fast asleep , loudly snoring in each other’s arms. She never asked one question.”

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