Why we need Julian Clary back on our TV screens!!

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In the trailers for “A Short History of Everything Else” (which aired on Channel 4 this week) I saw that one of the guest panellists is Julian Clary. This got me pondering: why has this wonderful man not got his own TV show anymore?

In the 90’s I was absolutely hooked on Clary. I adored his “Terry and Julian” and thought he was completely in his place presenting “All Rise for Julian Clary”. I still remember the episode in which he banned Lionel Blair from dancing. I was a major fan of him, as he was so openly unashamedly gay and just said what he liked. I also loved his look –the suits and the make up- and his saucy innuendo.

Recently I saw him as a guest on the Matt Lucas awards and was happy to see he has barely changed.

In a recent interview he also showed that he has also never stopped his fight for gay rights.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph he likened the arguments over same-sex marriages to the suffragette struggle in the early 20th century. Saying that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, a move supported by David Cameron but opposed by religious groups including the Catholic Church, was a measure of “proper equality”.

He likened the furore over the legalisation to that faced by women wanting the vote 100 years ago, saying once it was accepted people’s fears would disappear.

“When women were given the vote, some people talked about society crumbling – and it didn’t,” he told the paper. “Gay marriage is nothing to worry about. It is about being civilised.”

Julian, who has a long-term partner, said that the Prime Minister had been “brave” to support legislation legalising same-sex marriages against opposition from his own backbenchers. But he told the paper he was disappointed it had not been mentioned in the Queen’s Speech and urged Mr Cameron to “get on with it”.

Looking back on his work Mr Clary might have been ahead of his time, as his style of comedy is exactly what is getting more and more in vogue these days. So it would be great to see the original creator of the “new camp” in a weekly sloth again somewhere.

There are whispers he might be in the upcoming series of Big Brother, if true: I will be watching most certainly and hoping this leads to him being his glamorous self on many TV shows afterwards and not disappear again as he did after Strictly. Yes, you might be a theatre man, Mr Clary, but we need you on TV as well!!

Read original article here

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