Celebrity Big Brother Final: OK I’ve changed my mind… Perhaps MC Harvey IS homophobic and my last minute disappointment in two faced Coleen Nolan

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Yesterday I tried to brush aside MC Harvey actions towards Julian Clary as just annoying, instead of homophobic as some Big Brother fans said online. I had always thought he was a nice man before he came into the house and I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, believing that he had learned from the mistakes he had made but erm, no he hasn’t.

I had let the occasional strange comment to Julian slide by, because I thought he was just being irritating however this changed when Harvey made it clear he has no respect for the older, gay comedian.

All Julian did during the recent “bum gate” row was go into the bedroom and warn Harvey about what his fellow housemates were saying and he asked the former So Solid Crew star if he even remembered what he had done. The way this drove the rapper into a frenzy was shocking to watch.

Then, when he talked about it to Martin Kemp, who did gave him a complete lecture on his actions, he said:

“If you talk to me I respect you, when you talk to me.”

“I’d rather talk to you as I respect you as a person…..Martin, if you say it I respect you. It’s cool ‘cause it’s coming from you, and I respect you, no problem.”

Does this mean that he doesn’t respect Julian as a person? Does this, after all the other slights and digs he has made towards the camp comedian, more or less prove some viewers “homophobic” claims? Homophobia doesn’t always have to be all out. It’s the little things that make you think about what a person is ACTUALLY saying that often sting the most.

Another housemate who has also started to surprise me recently is Coleen Nolan. She has been accusing Julie Goodyear of being two-faced for the entire series, but has been displaying these qualities herself more and more. The moment she hears someone say something about someone, she runs off and informs the person in question.

Then yesterday, and I noticed this before: she agreed with the older housemates, then turned and says something completely different to HAM. She told the older housemates she was hiding behind her pillow when Harvey got his bum out, making it appear that she had been shocked by his actions. Nolan later told Harvey that she thought it was hilarious and everyone should lighten up. The former Loose Women star also dropped Julian in it, saying he had raised the issue of it being disrespectful and that it had crossed the line, while it had been Martin who had said these things.

Her triumphant grin when Julie left on Wednesday night made me wonder if this whole “Julie dislikes me” stich had just been a game plan that had worked to her advantage. Looking back, she did start saying it right after the first nominations after realising how popular Julie was.

I wonder what changes we’d have seen in her had the show ran longer.

The final of Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight at 21:00

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