Celebrity Big Brother 2012: After winning, Julian Clary says “I hope the media feels I’ve had my punishment now”

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In an interview with the Daily Star today, Julian Clary once again expresses his hopes of being accepted by the media again. He said: “The Norman Lamont incident was many years ago – surely I’ve paid for my indiscretion. I’ve had my punishment now.”

Adding, about living in the house “It was very claustrophobic. And I found having my emotions toyed with by Big Brother was tough – one minute we’d be having a party and then we’d have to nominate.

“After a while you’d get a horrible feeling in your stomach that something devastating was coming your way.

“I always try to make things that are dark fun again. Having said that, I was very surprised to win – I don’t generally win anything. It’s really put a spring in my step. The last thing I won was a cabaret award in the 1980s.”

I have always found the furore about that Norman Lamont joke very strange, especially as it came during the COMEDY awards. This was the late 80′s, early 90′s when comedy was a place where everything could and should be said and comedians like Rik Mayall in a show like “The New Statesman” (which I loved) said far worse. What is even more absurd is that the media still claims the joke was “shocking” in a time where people like Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle can get away with jokes that actually ARE and sometimes can’t even be seen as jokes any more.

We are living in a time now where gay comics should be able to talk about their sexuality as freely as straight comedians have always done. At this moment, it still looks as if Julian Clary is the only one who has the guts to actually do so. The public has shown that they love him for it, so the media should respect this.

Julian was voted the winner by the public, so the public opinion is that they want to see more of him. It is about time that the public, not the media gets their say in what and who they want to see on their screens, and Julian Clary is one of them.

And don’t miss the chance to watch an interview with Julian, which on the official Big Brother page, by clicking here.

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Published by Dannii Cohen

Dannii Cohen is an author, producer and radio-host with a diploma in psychology. She is a former columnist for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective, The Gay UK and many other magazines.

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