Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian Clary – “ Against all the negative feelings, comedy will always win the day”

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Julian Clary has opened up about his Big Brother experience for the first time. Talking to Yahoo he said: “I was very surprised to win but actually my favourite bit was being in there [the house] on my own, to be the last man standing. I did feel like comedy won in the end because people voted for me. Against all the negative feelings, comedy will always win the day.”

Spending such a long time in the house was difficult for Julian at times, with his lack of freedom being a particularly troubling aspect to life in the house.

He explained: “I found loss of liberty [the most difficult] and having my emotions toyed with by Big Brother. One minute you’re having a party and it’s all nice and then there’s an announcement that you had to nominate.”

He said about his housemates: “Because you are all trapped in there, you spend time with these people and you find something you like about them and then you care about these people. I don’t explode… never judge. That’s my way of going through life. Once or twice [in the house] I would feel like getting all worked up, but I’ll not upset the boat. I’d go and laugh.”

He hopes that him taking part on Big Brother will have won him some new fans and that maybe TV executives will finally consider hiring him again after being snubbed for many years.

“I am aware that everyone who goes in there is a bit desperate and I know that if I had had a dozen offers of other TV work on the table then I wouldn’t have considered it. I thought it would give me a chance for people to make an opinion of me rather than just the comic and renowned homosexual who is on stage for ten minutes,” he added.

He tells Digital Spy he has an idea in his mind with new close friend Julie Goodyear, continuing:

“She’s complicated and she reminded me of Bette Davis, fiery and fierce. I’d like to [work with her]. A sitcom, maybe? She’s got great comic timing.”

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