Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian Clary admits that he hid panic attacks in the house – stands up for The Situation & Prince Lorenzo

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In a long interview in the Daily Express about his time in Celebrity Big Brother, Julian Clary has revealed how claustrophobia had almost made him leave the house.

“I suffer from claustrophobia and the idea of being shut into places fills me with fear,” he says.

“In fact I can’t understand how anyone hasn’t got claustrophobia. In the house you are locked in a lot in different ways. At bedtime, they put the window shutters down and then they lock the bedroom door. One day I even got very claustrophobic in the garden. Although it’s outside you are completely closed in and it’s very clear there is no way out.”

He didn’t reveal his problems to his housemates, but the comedian admitted that he had several chats with producers about these fears and they delegated someone from the production team to watch him sleeping in case he panicked and needed to get out.

This move helped somewhat and made him feel a little more secure.

“It was reassuring. They promised they would unlock the doors for me any time I needed and I actually put it to the test a couple of times, once when I had a bit of a stomach ache and wanted to go to the kitchen,” he says.

Speaking about the impact of his win on the gay community, he adds: “It’s dangerous to draw comparisons between one successful reality show and the state of homophobia in Britain or to say that my win means that this country is becoming more liberal. But it certainly hasn’t done the gay community any harm. Seemingly people weren’t horrified by me even when I was being my usual vulgar self.”

In another interview on today’s The Wright Stuff Julian stood up for his housemates The Situation and Prince Lorenzo when the other guests and Ian Wright called them “needy” and “fake”. He also stood up for gay marriage in a discussion about a Daily Telegraph article on how teachers who refuse to endorse gay marriage in the classroom could face the sack under controversial government reforms. Talking about how it feels to be back on the outside of the Big Brother bubble. Clary confessed that he still has trouble adjusting to the normal world and that his boyfriend Rolf has to put on a BB voice when talking to him.

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Published by Dannii Cohen

Dannii Cohen is an author, producer and radio-host with a diploma in psychology. She is a former columnist for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective, The Gay UK and many other magazines.

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