‘Red Dwarf’ star Chris Barrie explains how he can play all of the show’s characters

ChrisBarrieRed Dwarf star Chris Barrie has said that he can play all four of the main characters on the show. Speaking at a recent convention, The Entertainment and Media show, Barrie along with co-stars Craig Charles and Robert Llewellyn were quizzed by fans. One of the questions that came up was which other character from the show would they most like to play.

Charles, who plays the show’s resident layabout Dave Lister, was quick off the mark and said: ‘Chris can play us all. He can do us all – the whole thing’.

Barrie replied in typical Rimmer fashion; ‘Well I can actually,’ before proceeding to imitate each of the characters in turn. After his impression, Charles simply said: ‘I don’t know why we bother turning up’.

Barrie went onto explain that he was a ‘natural’ to play the Cat, but would like to play Kryten because of the dialogue, ‘I don’t think I could justice to some of Lister’s stuff’.

Charles said that he would like to be Kryten, ‘only because it would stop him from moaning about the mask for a week’.

‘I’m trying to get Doug [Naylor] to write an episode where Kryten has a dream where he’s the only human and me, Rimmer and Cat are all robots – but only for one week not for 20 years,’ Charles added.

Llewellyn said that he could not play anyone else, explaining that he could ‘barely do Kryten’, although he would like to try the Rimmer salute.

In response to Llewellyn, Charles said; ‘I reckon you could be a sucker for a mixed raced Scouse smeg head. I think you could pull that off with aplomb – you’re very working-class’.

The comedy science fiction show first aired in 1988 on BBC Two and ran for eight series. There were plans to make a Red Dwarf film but these fell through due to funding issues and the show simply disappeared off the air. Red Dwarf enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after repeats of the programme were shown on television channel Dave during the Noughties.

The show turned out to be one of the most watched programmes on the channel and led to the commissioning of a one-off Red Dwarf special in 2009 called Back to Earth. Although the special was met with mixed reviews, it helped to highlight the renewed interest in the show, spurring Dave to make Red Dwarf X. The new series of Red Dwarf was broadcast a couple of weeks ago and has received a positive reception from fans.
‘Red Dwarf X’ is on channel Dave

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