Julian Clary expresses anger at Scottish Catholic Church anti gay marriage stance

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Julian Clary has launched an outspoken attack on the Scottish Catholic Church over their campaign against gay marriage.

Julian, who recently won Celebrity Big Brother, this week started his “Position Vacant” tour in Scotland. In this show he pretends to marry a man from the audience at each gig, which in the UK is a comment about “gay still being seen as uncool” and the need for “real” marriage instead of registered partnership and now, in Scotland, a comment about the gay marriage row.

He is incensed the Catholic Church have tried to scupper SNP plans to legalise same-sex weddings by 2015.

Julian, who lives with partner Ian in Ashford, Kent, promised he’d be “first in the queue” for a church wedding if Scotland became the first place in the UK to have same-sex religious ceremonies.

The comic, who was raised a Catholic, said:

“Given there are so many gay people in the Catholic church, I thought they’d be all for it. It’s fear and ignorance masquerading as intelligent opinion. They should get their house in order before they tell gay men how to live. It doesn’t really affect them so they should shut up.”

This week Julian appeared on BBC Breakfast where he suffered a delightful (intentional?) slip up saying “ejaculated” instead of “ejected”. See it here

Julian admitted this week: “I haven’t seen any of the new series of Strictly because of my touring schedule, but I do like to check up and see how Erin Boag is doing.”
Still he had a message for the team:

Julian kicked off the Scots leg of his tour in Aberdeen on Wednesday before playing Perth tonight (Thursday), Berwick on Friday, Edinburgh on Saturday and Glasgow on Sunday.
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