Robbie Williams refused Radio 1 airplay. What are we teaching children saying 30 is old?

Robbie Williams’ new single ‘Candy’ has been snubbed by BBC Radio 1 playlisters, because it apparently does not appeal to their 18-29 year-old demographic.

What are we teaching children when we say the cut of point of youth is 30? This means you only get 29 years of youth and are old for about 60 years after. In the 90’s artist over 30 where the hottest acts on MTV (Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince for example) some where even in their 40’s. In the 60’s you’d find Frank Sinatra pipping the Stones or the Beatles from a number one post. Kylie was in her mid thirties when she scored her greatest hit (Can’t get you out of my head).
David Bowie scored his biggest hits when he was in his mid 30’s. Tom Jones was at the height of his career in his late 40’s and so was Elton John. These days this can’t happen any more, not because older artists are less popular with the public, but because the media ignores them and the Radio refuses them airplay. They play their old songs but refuse the new, claiming no-one wants them. How do we know if we don’t get to hear them?
The few years it is as if the media wants to cancel everyone out except the very young. This means that children are taught: do everything before your 30, else your life is over. We are robbing children of a future by the insistence of youth culture, while it has been scientifically proven that middle age doesn’t start till your 60’s these days.
And do children really care as much about youth as people think? Not at all. You only have to see how much they love Bruce Forsyth on a Saturday night to see how wrong they are.

Published by Dannii Cohen

Dannii Cohen is an author, producer and radio-host with a diploma in psychology. She is a former columnist for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective, The Gay UK and many other magazines.

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