The Boys From the (Red) Dwarf hit Australia for #Smegcon – minus Chris (Rimmer) Barrie

DwarfThis week the stars from Red Dwarf Danny John-Jules (Cat), Robert Llewellyn (Kryten), and Craig Charles (Lister) hit Australia for the upcoming #Smegcon and Red Dwarf X promotion.
The Smegcon is billed as “a Smegging Good Weekend blasts into Sydney on Sunday the 3rd February 2013 with our special guests Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles from the cult classic UK series Red Dwarf. The boys from the Dwarf will be in town to meet all their smegheads at what is certain to be a very entertaining event. A day full of Q&A sessions, a photo session, an autograph session, quizzes, competitions and lots of fun.”

Robert has already reported happily about his time down under on his Twitter: “Just been out for long moonlit walk along the beach with the Mrs. It’s very nice, I am very lucky and now reeling with the old jet lag.” And: “Okay, I’m not complaining, in fact quite the opposite but blimey mate… hot enough for you? I’ve even seen some solar panels on the roof of a house in Queensland. Very cheering.”
Robert is also celebrating the release of his new book “News from the Squares” a very interesting Sci Fi novel.

A lot of people have commented on the absence of Chris Barrie (Rimmer) at most fan conventions outside the UK. A lot of rumours about the how and why have circulated and conspiracy theories started. The true reason is a little less exciting, but interesting for someone who has spent most of his life flying through space: Chris has a big fear of flying. He has hated flying ever since he was old enough to think about the possibilities of things going wrong.

A few years ago Chris tried to conquer his fears during sessions arranged by Personal magazine. Chris took a flying lesson in a 1933 Tiger Moth with instructor Brian Tapp at The Tiger Club in Kent. “As a youngster I wasn’t worried,” Chris said at the time.”I went to school in Belfast, and as my dad was a serviceman in Germany we had to fly from Dusseldorf or Heathrow to Belfast, usually in an ageing Vanguard plane, and as a child you don’t understand the potential problems. But the older I got, and the more I thought about it, the more nervous I became. When I’m in big jets thoughts go through my head like, `What happens if all the engines stop?’. I mean, I know some of them can glide, but they aren’t generally known for that, are they? It’s like flying in a block of flats.
When it came to my lesson in the Tiger Moth I was apprehensive. It’s the thought of going up in something that looks very flimsy that makes you feel vulnerable. As we taxied out, the thought that I might not come back flashed through my mind. However, when we took off I felt much safer than I have ever done in a jumbo jet.”
But in the end it doesn’t seem to have worked for him, as Chris still doesn’t fly, especially not for long flights.

Mr Barrie will be part of the full Dwarf team at Dimension Jump and will be holding a seminar, a signing session and be presenting the Expo Awards at UKGE later this year.

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