Red Dwarf stars living it up in Australia

Dwarf (3)Dwarf (1)Dwarf (2) As reported earlier, three of the boys from the Dwarf have headed to Australia to attend A Smegging Good Weekend in Sydney this weekend.
The Red Dwarf stars have also taken their family, with Craig has brought his son Jack Tyson Charles, Danny John-Jules bringing his mum (who has the same amazing smile as her son) and
Robert Llewellyn his native wife Judy Pascoe (aka Camille). This Saturday Craig will also perform with Craig Charles funk and soul club in Sydney at The Basement feat.
After this the boys minus Craig, who is headed elsewhere with the band, are heading out to New Zealand for the first Red Dwarf NZ Convention.

Naughty boys Craig and Danny immediately had a little reunion in the form of a liquid lunch and had a great time, though Danny would have wanted Robert to join too, saying: “Having a nice relaxing time here in OZ. Off to have lunch with Craig Charles. Robert Llewellyn is off flying planes with his ‘Chums’… Git!!”
Danny and Craig have been spotted out on the town a lot in the last few days and are certainly appearing to enjoy their time together. Robert Llewellyn has joined the twosome today, having spent a few days flying interesting plains and touring the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. If only Chris Barrie dared to fly, it would be wonderful to have the full “Red Dwarf Posse” together.

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