Rik Mayall announces new sitcom plans – Wanted to play older Richie as Wilfred Bramble

CreekRik2rikRik Mayall was the absolute scene stealer in last night’s Jonathan Creek. The actor trended on Twitter and after the show finished fans quickly took to Alan Davies Twitter to tell him they demanded Rik to be in the next three episodes as well, or even better: a spin of with Mayall as the new Ironside. Others even said they want him as the new Doctor in Doctor Who. Both great sounding suggestions.
Promoting the Jonathan Creek Easter special, Rik Mayall revealed some exciting news: “There has been an offer of a sitcom which will be completely different where I play someone’s dad, so we will have a look at the script.” He will in fact be the father of Inbetweeners teacher Greg Davies in the sitcom.

The only trouble is that Davies is 44 and Rik is 55, so Mayall must age to be convincing as his dad.

But he chuckles: “It means I impregnated someone when I was 12, and that’s pretty rock and roll.”

Playing someone much older would be no different from the plans he had for Richie in the sadly discarded new Bottom series, though: “I’ve always loved Wilfred Bramble, who played Steptoe, I wanted to play him like that.” He explaines: “I wanted us to be like that, crumbling old shits and crumbling old nasties.”

Once more talking about what happened with Adrian, Rik said: “In simple terms, I phoned Ade and said ‘Hey why don’t we do Bottom but have it as older blokes’ and it got called Hooligan’s Island which I wasn’t so keen on because we have used that title, I think it was just a working title at the time but the BBC snapped it up they said alright write a couple of episodes and see if you get anything. I did,” Adding: “I thought it would be fun and Ade thought it would be fun but then he had a change of heart. It’s a shame. Of course, I fucking tried to persuade him to change his mind. But if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to. I’m desperate to do it. I thought it would be lovely to have them in a different situation and being much older.
Ade said we weren’t old enough to be mad old bastards – but if we leave it another 10 years, how the f*** are we going to do anything?” He continues: “I said that in ten fucking years I won’t be able to think, the two brain cells I have left will not work! There is a fucking thing called acting and something called makeup but he said ‘No I don’t think we’re old enough!'”

Rik does still have a good relationship with that other Young One, Nigel Planer, who stars with him in Jonathan Creek: “I got to share a lot of dressing room time with him. He is such an animal; he nearly put my back out three or four times. It was lovely seeing Nige, we didn’t get to share a lot of screen time, we saw each other a lot on the set and I laughed so much with him. I see him in normal life anyway but it was so nice.”
Tomorrow Rik Mayall will rock Falmouth, when signing of his new comedy CD The Last Hurrah. -He has been drinking several espresso’s today, so be warned!!
Sources: Daily Mirror, Den of Geek

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