Rik Mayall delights fans at Falmouth Bookseller (pictures and video)

RikMayallsigning (2)If there was any need to be reminded of how popular Rik Mayall still is, you only needed to see the queue today at Falmouth Bookseller.
Fans lined up round the block for a chance of a picture and signature from the comedian. Rik visited the store to sign copies of “The Last Hurrah”, his new audio comedy. Rik described the project as being too naughty to ever be broadcast on any regular radio or TV channel, adding: “The Last Hurrah, to me, speaks so much about the feeling of a magnificent, fetid, rotting Britishness”
Meeting his fans, though, Rik was charm and kindness personified. Fan Sam Brown said: “What a day..Rik Mayall was genuine, compassionate, charming + HILARIOUS!” with Emily Barr adding: “It turns out Rik Mayall is a lovely friendly man”
A great day with a great man!!
RikwalkingRik Mayall left a lasting impression on his fans in Falmouth. Says Sam Brown: “It was a perfect day. He was unbelievably charming/genuine/compassionate/outrageou­s and most of all HILARIOUS!

He was supposed to be there for two hours (12-2) and he was well over double that – had everyone in stitches the whole afternoon…when he was reminded it was past 2pm he simply said ‘Yep i’m absolutely fine, i’ll go till i drop’ What a legend.

He spent as long as you wanted with each person and fulfilled every request, be it a video/anything signed/a voicemail message/any questions EVEN a kiss for one gal! The poses he did for the photos were absolutely side-splitting – some of them outrageously brilliant! We’d hired a car and driven down from our native Bristol just for the day especially for Rik – he was genuinely touched by this. As for season 4…we asked him and he said they’d written two episodes which were ‘absolutely hilarious’ but then Ade had said they weren’t old enough and had to wait till they’re 60 to do it….so there is still hope yet.”
Sam and his good friend Alex also got the chance to meet a certain Mr. Richard Richards Esquire, see the result below.

Pictures by: Katy Parsonage, Ron Johns, Dean Woods, Emily Barr, Sam Brown , Jenny, Greg Fountain, Gareth Tedstone,

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