Red Dwarf Dimension Jump 2013 – info on series 11, pictures and videos

DJ (1)So, this weekend saw the reunion of the Red Dwarf cast and crew at Dimension Jump. A fun day for all the fans where Chris Barrie taught how to do the Rimmer salute, Danny John-Jules sang Tongue Tied once more, Craig Charles read poetry and much, much more.

Doug Naylor also came to talk about the plans for series 11. Doug was hoping to make an official announcement at DJ but, as yet, could not.
He said “We can’t announce a season 11, but everyone wants it.” Adding that they are looking to film in February, and hopefully air towards end of year. Surprisingly, nothing written just yet, despite Doug saying he was writing earlier in the year. He is planning to bring Holly back, but didn’t say which one.

The new season will be filmed in front of a live audience! Doug added that they will never go back to having no audience. He can’t imagine ever writing a final episode.

Doug also confirmed more Red Dwarf books and revealed Rob Grant will be writing too.

Doug confirmed to fans thatthe Rimmer we see in Series X Rimmer is in fact the original Rimmer, not the Rimmer from Series 8. We wonder what happened to him.
Here are some pictures and videos.

Miss Dibbley, Melanie Robinson, Sarah Waterhouse,Shelley Tomkiss,Liam Fretwell

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