Julian Clary is trying to forget Celebrity Big Brother and is looking forward to being a judge on Your Face Sounds Familiar!

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After a very successful theatre tour (and a holiday with Joan Collins!!) Julian Clary has returned to the world of TV, almost a year after his stint on Celebrity Big Brother. Something he, despite winning it, would rather forget.

“It must be like being in a prison cell in Turkey or somewhere where there’s 20 to a cell, and whether you like it or not these are the people you’ve got to spend time with…

“When I came out, I was rather institutionalised. You are so used to being told what to feel because you’re emotionally manipulated, and you’re cut off.

“I’m really not very sociable – I spend a lot of time alone or with just one or two people.

“What I took away was that there’s something interesting about everyone and you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.”

In an interview with Metro he added: “Big Brother’s fading into the distant past for me. It’s funny, we went through this shared experience and if I bump into The Situation in an airport in ten years, we’ll have a connection, but it is what it is and we’ve moved on. I saw the first episode (of the new series) but I’ve been away.

“I have a lot of empathy for them because I know what it’s like – not all is as it seems. You’re not really in a house, you’re in a TV studio – and they’re in there for ten weeks. They only get money if they win. Good luck to them.”

Thankfully something good did come from it: “I went on tour just after winning Big Brother and it sold tickets for me in the way being on TV does. It brought in a younger audience, which was great fun for me.”

Julian’s TV fans can enjoy him from tonight onwards, as he is the head judge on the new, fun TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, hosted by Alesha Dixon and Paddy McGuinness.

Don’t worry, he won’t go all Simon Cowell on us: “This show doesn’t take itself very seriously. No one’s career depends on it, they’re raising money for charity and no one gets evicted. It’s all a bit of a laugh. I don’t know what the shows will be like, I’m imagining a mix of hilarity and excruciating embarrassment.

“I’m not singing, although there’s a rumour the judges will have to perform at some point. I can’t sing so who am I to judge other singers? I imagine I’ve been employed to say something funny each week so I’ll try to fulfil my contractual obligations.”

Julian recently released a single called “Cool to be queer”, watch it here:

Read original article here

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Dannii Cohen is an author, producer and radio-host with a diploma in psychology. She is a former columnist for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective, The Gay UK and many other magazines.

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