Julian Clary fought back tears over death of his boyfriend on Piers Morgan Life Stories

julian-clary-423x680New Article for UnrealityTV
Julian Clary was fighting back the tears tears as he relived the death of his boyfriend Chris from AIDs during an interview with Piers Morgan.

Julian told how late boyfriend Christopher laughed at being told he had six months to live – and how his former partner’s death lead to terrible anxiety attacks.

The soft spoken comic said it was a great privilege to nurse Christopher – who died from an AIDS in the 1990s – in his final months.

“He was very ill and I was looking after him but he was very cheerful about it – he used to laugh a lot” he said.

“There was something in his nature to laugh. We’d been to a hospital appointment and he asked them how long and they said six months and he just laughed because it seemed so unbelievable. In fact, he lived for nine months, so they were wrong. That was quite important to him.”

Julian confessed to being addicted to prescription drugs like Valium and said he tried to keep busy after Christopher’s death in the 90s, but admitted: “No doubt the anxiety attacks that started about two years later were to do with that.”

Clary tried to be light hearted about the interview when he tweeted this week saying:

“My agent tells me I have to face @piersmorgan on Friday. Some sort of Life Stories nonsense. *books six hour colonic session*”

Last month Julian compared Amnesty’s Secret Comedy Podcasts to fight gay oppression. You can hear it here
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  1. Julie said,

    2016/06/01 at 7:08 am

    I think that is wonderful, I understand you would lie, I nursed hiv positive people for years they have a horrible death. Its a horrible death. So Julian Clary you came from a place of angelica. Julian to be able to do an interview like that, you have the heart of an angel.

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