Craig Charles and Paul Mason talk Northern Soul

Dwarf Boys (7)We know that Craig Charles loves his music – a weekly listen to The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show (every Saturday on BBC Radio 6 Music at 6:00PM) tells you all you need to know.
So it’s no wonder that the Rd Dwarf and Coronation Street star invited Paul Mason to talk about Culture Show documentary: “Northern Soul – Keep the Faith” (Tomorrow night on BBC2)

The documentary charts the history of British Soul music and it’s stars as it celebrates the 40th anniversary of Wigan’s Casino’s famous “all-nighters”.
There is also a look at Northern Soul influences on music today. Many of the songs that eventually became Northern Soul classics were once rejected or unreleased. Recorded in the 1960s by African-American artists attempting to replicate the successful Motown sound, these discarded tracks would later be rediscovered and revered by white working-class dancers and music fans in the north of England.

Paul Mason tells the extraordinary story of Northern Soul and the dance culture that sprang up around it, influencing musicians, choreographers and filmmakers and growing into a global phenomenon.

Listen to Craig’s tribute to Northern Soul and his conversation with Mason here
“Northern Soul – Keep the Faith” Wednesday BBC2 22.00

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