Exclusive video: Rik Mayall recording his last role, days before he died

IMG-20140607-WA0010And all the grown-ups will say, “But why are the kids crying?” And the kids will say, “Haven’t you heard? Rik is dead”
Today comedy legend Rik Mayall sadly died, aged 56.

The comedian had just started working on his comeback to TV last year, starring in Jonathan Creek, Man Down and Damon and Ivor.
He was supposed to record a new series of Man Down later this year and was only last week recording what will now be his last role.

Rik was working on a Dutch movie called: De Ontsnapping – (The Escape) by Dutch author Heleen van Royen (with whom he is seen in the above picture.) He was on the set last week and had great fun.

He had a lead in the movie as an interesting landlord called Eddie.

Movie producer Sjef Scholte has just said: “This is too crazy for words. Rik recorded his scenes only last week. He had only returned home a day or two ago.
It’s incredible to think this is his last role. He was a funny, kind, special and cuddly man who had a grand air about him.
It wasn’t some sort of Joedthe Plummer on the set, you saw RIK Mayall, a hero.”

Heleen van Royen says: “I’m shocked and upset. Only last week Rik Mayall was on our set, a great comic talent.”
We agree …

Watch Rik record his final jokes below, we will miss you very much!!

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