Rik Mayall his last interview “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!!”

escapeToday marks the one year anniversary of the death of Rik Mayall.
A day before he died Rik was in Portugal, recording scenes for a Dutch Movie called “The Escape”.
On the set he gave an interview to the Dutch media. He talked about the movie, his love of acting and his plans.
Funny and endearing as always he spend most of the interview joking about his old comedy partner Adrian Edmondson.
An extract here:

“When I received the script for The Escape and read I would be playing a 60 year old pensionado called Eddy I said yes immediately.
If only to spite Ade (Adrian Edmondson), because he was Eddie in Bottom and he’s almost 60!! I had to avoid him getting the role at all cost.

But seriously, I love getting these kind of jobs in the autumn of my career. Acting feels as if you’re discovering the world. I’m like a Vasco da Gama, going to the worlds most beautiful places, meeting amazing and fun people.
My co-star Isa Hoes (Dutch acctress) for example. Acting with her is a treat, she is SO good!!”

Suddenly Rik grabbed away the journalists tape recorder and dashed off. When playing it back the journalist heard a message, whispered in a way only Rik Mayall could:
“Listen readers of the Telegraaf, Isa is an amazing actress and our connection in this movie is intimate, powerful, hot and steamy. No-one has ever seen such intimate, powerful hot and steamy interaction before, ever!!”

Rik returned to talk about Bottom (a year before Adrian Edmondson had dropped out on their Hooligans Island reunion project): “I’ll let you in on a secret. There are two script completed and ready, a story in which Richie and Eddie are in a care home, as geriatrics. Adrian only want to film these series when we’re really, really old. But I can’t wait that long, it has to be done now. Smack some make-up on and GO!! I have to do it now, I’ll sleep when I’m dead!!”

After this Rik recorded his final known video on the set:

Rik Mayall 1958-2014

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