Exclusive: Joanna Lumley to move into directing?

Edmund Bittermann has an exclusive interview with the Absolutely Fabulous star!!

lumIn an exclusive interview Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley reveals she is not into fashion at all, might be moving into directing and why Kim Karadashian needs stylists and she doesn’t …

Do you have a favourite designer?

“I don’t do designers. You can always find me in cheap clothes, I only shop in cheap stores. I know a lot of designers, but why would I pay loads for something you can get much cheaper elsewhere that looks the same. Designers tell you how to wear something, but it’s up to you to interpreted it in an affordable way.”

Does a stylist select your clothes?

”No, I do everything myself from my styling to my carrying her luggage.
Someone like Kim Karadashian might need a major entourage, she’s a self made star, and people like that need those kind of things.
I don’t care for these kind of things. I can drive myself. I’m an actress, not a star, darling. I take the underground when in London, queue
up like any other person, and do my own shopping. At the moment I am shooting a doc for ITV meaning one day I could be staying in a big hotel, the other
day in a draughty tent. I have no time to be a diva, if I drop my luggage my crew just walk on.”

Do you fear getting older?

”Getting older has never been an issue for me. I have no trouble looking in the mirror and it never affected the amount of roles I received.
Actually I have more work then ever. Besides directing and the ITV Siberia series, there are two movies coming up: Absolutely Fabulous
and She’s Funny That Way. Oh, and I loved Wolf of Wall Street, without that I’d never known what a great kisser Leo (DiCaprio)is!!”

Do you have any new plans?

”I will try my hand at directing this year, filming a book by Irish writer Maggie O’Farrell. It’s a very good dark story and I will be directing it next year.”

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