Vennart dedicates album The Demon Joke to Rik Mayall

fIn an interview with the Independent today, Vennart frontman Mike Vennart reveals that his first solo venture The Demon Joke is dedicated to not only his deceased father, but also comedian Rik Mayall. Here is why;

“There’s a couple of lines on the album about Rik Mayall, I actually dedicated The Demon Joke to him. My old man died last year, we knew he was going, so we were going to see him all the time and I was trying to ease the atmosphere by taking on the role of an obnoxious dickhead…

Just take the piss out of him and pretend that everything’s normal, business as usual. It’s that dichotomy of ignoring the deeply grave situation and just trying to make him laugh. It’s strange but that’s what you do, I think everybody does it.

Me and my brother grew up being absolutely mad on everything Rik Mayall did. We grew up on The Young Ones, this crazy, anarchic, off the wall show, we couldn’t get enough of it. About two weeks after my Dad died, Rik Mayall died. The strange thing was my Dad used to be a taxi driver in Leeds and he was Rik Mayall’s driver for a period of about three months. He was taking him to and from Yorkshire television. So every week, my Dad would have some message from Rik Mayall to me and my brother. It would be written down or it would be on a tape recorder. (Having them both die so close together) just freaked me out, it was too spooky. So that’s found its way on to the album, it became apparent that these things have really stayed with me, even though I don’t necessarily really think about them very much.”

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