Exclusive!! What we know about Red Dwarf Series XI and XII so far!!

red_dwarf_660Beware!! Spoilers!!

On May the 2nd this year fans of Red Dwarf where thrilled to finally hear that Red Dwarf would be returning, and not just for one series, but TWO. The added news that the actors had also agreed on performing in a STAGE SHOW based on the popular franchise was cause for celebrations.
Now, almost two months later, what do we know about the upcoming series so far?

Well, the shooting for series 11 will start in November as Chris Barrie (Rimmer) said this week (not late October, as initially thought).

Various storylines have been discussed and there is said to be one episode dedicated to Kochanski, while another will deal with all the members of the cast turning into Kryten (Robert LLewellyn) as he wants them to know what it is like being him.

Meanwhile, a few weeks before the official announcement Chris hinted at an interesting storyline concerning Rimmer’s roots. He also mentioned a possible change in character and attitude towards Lister. Speaking at Wales Comic Com earlier this year he told the audience: “He can’t be too nice to Lister, otherwise you wouldn’t really have a Red Dwarf. But there’s going to be some interesting directions for Doug to write in. Giving that there may well be future series of Red Dwarf. Doug will have to explore that whole seat change really, of Rimmer’s father being Dungo and not the high flying intellectual lecturer form a middle class background. So you’ve got so many things to play with there. So Rimmer’s middle class and his brothers conditioning. He has been conditioned, so it will still provide interesting avenues for his past and his backstory.”

There is also talk of Cat centred episode finally happening, and what’s more: Tongue Tied, or a song like it, could finally return. Asked about a return for a musical Cat sequence, Danny John-Jules (Cat) hinted at them thinking about this.

On top of all this there has been a buzz in the fan community after writer Doug Naylor hinted that the ending of series 8 could be resolved. Earlier this month he Tweeted with Jake Wood about a return of his character Kill Crazy. The thought is that this may coincide with the Kochanski themed episode.

So it seems there is something new for every character: Rimmer finding his way, A Cat episode at long last, Kryten sharing his feelings and Lister … Well Lister apparently still thinking about Kochanski (the poor guy has been holding out 35 human + 3 Million stasis years by now!!) Hopefully the Kochanski storyline can be solved so Lister can finally move on too.

The new series will be written and directed by Doug Naylor and recorded at Pinewood Studios. The sets for Series X will be re-used as much as possible (Doug Naylor says the re-use of old sets allows the budget to expand the scope of expensive set pieces like Starbug.)

Kerry Waddell has returned on board: production manager of Red Dwarf IV and V, and now Head of Production at Baby Cow, who produce the news shows together with Grant Naylor Productions.

Craig Charles (Lister) announced earlier this year he had decided to leave Coronation Street to concentrate fully on Red Dwarf, saying: “I feel I owe it to my colleagues on Red Dwarf to join them in filming the new series and finding out what is in store for Lister and the others.”

Watch Tweets by the stars and new interviews with Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn and Norman Lovett below.

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