Red Dwarf ‘s Chris Barrie to return with Brittas Empire ?

Chris%20Barrie%20as%20Gordon%20BrittasFor a while Chris Barrie (Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf) has been hinting that there may be a return of his other famous character Gordon Britta, of Brittas Empire. Through the years there have been many plans to revive him, and it seems likely that this could be the year.

At a Comic Con convention Chris said: “There’s no secret to the fact that there’s a script that’s being commissioned by the BBC for a new Brittas Empire. So there’s a chance that (Brittas Voice) I may well be back. One of the original writers is behind it and fingers crossed it happens before I completely forget, remember how to say my name. The script stage is supposed to be done now. I may be seeing something this summer on it. So fingers crossed.”

Norman Lovett, (Holly in Red Dwarf) who attended the convention with Chris added: “That show was better then a lot of things today. I that there’s a lot of fans outside those here at these events. I know there’s still a lot of support for Brittas Empire. And that character would be very funny today.”

With recent revivals of 70’s and 90’s comedies proving a big hit, this would certainly be the right time for Gordon Brittas to return. We are at a time of ridicules health and safety rules, political correctness used in the wrong way, all things that could be played with. Let’s hope it will happen. Chris Barrie is a wonderful actor who deserves to be seen a lot more.

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