Chris Barrie – Three is the magic number – after Red Dwarf and Brittas Empire could Spitting Image be returning too?

untitledIt’s an exciting time for Chris Barrie fans. After a long absence from our TV’s we first had the joyful news that Red Dwarf would return for not one but TWO series AND a possible stage show. After this came the news that the BBC confirmed the return of The Brittas Empire.
This week John Lloyd revealed that he would love to revive the original Spitting Image for special internet shows and that some of the original writers are already on board with the project.
He revealed to the Daily Mail: “I’m thinking of doing it online to see if there is any interest,” adding that he had already discussed an opening sketch with writers Nick Newman and Ian Hislop.
“It should start with their theory about Nigel Farage and Jeremy Clarkson; “It’s just one slightly paunchy bloke who likes a pint and a fag.””
He also revealed some ideas for Boris Johnson based sketches.

Over the years Chris expressed interest in returning to Spitting Image, saying: “I think Spitting Image could be done again today. Never say never. I’m sure it would follow the same simple format it did 25 years ago. You could lampoon the current government and the state of the nation but unfortunately I think something could be lost because of the PC brigade. We didn’t have that the first time around so it would be interesting to see how thwarted we would be. I think it’s sad that some people are sensitive about satire.”

Creating the show on internet would certainly bring a lot more freedom for the writers and actors. And with the politics of today mirroring the 80’s in everyway won’t it be great to have the original true voices of satire back?

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