Rowan Atkinson departs to Hungary to film Maigret

rowan-atkinson-232581465A major new two-part adaptation of Georges Simenon’s Maigret with Rowan Atkinson in the title role will begin shooting soon in Hungary.

The two feature length films have been ordered by ITV, and are produced by UK-based Ealing Studios and Maigret Productions. Maigret Sets a Trap, adapted from Maigret Tend Un Piège, and Maigret’s Dead Man, from Maigret Et Son Mort, are set in 1950s Paris, with Atkinson playing the legendary laconic detective with his trademark pipe.

Stewart Harcourt has written the new episodes; he also executive produces alongside Barnaby Thompson, Ben Latham-Jones and John Simenon, who said: “Maigret has been part of our family for almost nine decades, and we are bringing together one of the best known characters in world literature with one of the greatest international stars.”

Shooting in due to begin in September. For more on filming in Hungary.

On his role as Maigret, Rowan Atkinson said: “I have been a devourer of the Maigret novels for many years and I’m very much looking forward to playing such an intriguing character, at work in Paris during a fascinating period in its history”.

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