BBC stalling on Brittas Empire revival?

brittasnAfter an extremely positive reaction to the announcement of Brittas Empire returning, the BBC is inexplicably seems to be stalling the idea to indefinitely.
Jane Noriss, the wife of original writer and creator Andrew Norriss revealed this to a fan asking about the series return:

There has been talk of scripts being written for a new Brittas project since 2004 , but it looked as if things were actually moving forward recently. Speaking to the Daily Mirror last month the BBC confirmed they had accepted a script in June this year and plans were for the project to be done between now and late 2016.
In an interview earlier this year Chris Barrie seemed quite positive about things falling into place soon. Sadly in a recent update on his website he apparently seems less certain of the BBC’s plans.

That there is a massive audience waiting for Mr Brittas to return to our screens became very clear when the Mirror published the plans for the revival of the show: the article was shared over 30.000 times, this rarely happens. Comedy websites and forums were abuzz and the count of online watches and uploads sored, as did the sales on DVD’s of the show. The show has retained it’s popularity over the years and has a community all of it’s own with new fans arriving every day.
The attraction of Brittas is that the show remains current, in fact a lot of people say that the character of Mr Brittas and the situations at Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre have never been more current.

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