Be part of the the International Danny John-Jules day video

28512It is everyone’s favorite Cat’s birthday soon, and one fan is creating an amazing project for this day!! Read her story here:

My name is Rebekah and I am a aspiring film director with the video that will be produced for Danny going up on my YouTube channel ! I have been making videos for 7 years and I thought the best way for the Red Dwarf and DJJ fandoms to celebrate his birthday would to create a fantastic video!

The idea for the video if you have not already seen the post, is based on a news broadcast with the following characters needing cast to fill in:

–          Weather person

–          Sports person

–          Entertainment

–          Fan girls/boys

–          Anyone with a birthday message in the form of a video (1 minute max recording!)

–          Anyone with fan art or a special talent that would like to show Danny himself

So a run down of the idea is having a breaking news story about how International Danny John-Jules day has been affecting fans from across the world in weird ways. Once all of the positions have been finalised, I will be making a mock script for each cast member to use as a guide; it’s basically just a summary of what your role will be so that you’re not standing there like a stunned chicken not knowing what to say. But the good news is, its not a live production so any mistakes can be easily worked out in the edit.

Anyone willing to join can write here:

Because the 16th of September falls on a Wednesday, there will be guidelines to follow so that everything can run smoothly as in there if there are mishaps ie. Lost footage, reshoots etc. We can fix them before the day. To be able to participate for a main role these guides follow:

  • A good quality camera, camera phone, or the ability to Skype conference during shooting times are a must. (time zones may be a problem so make sure to send me what your GMT code is for example GMT- 4 hours or GMT+6 hours- this can be found by googling the time zone of your own location)
  • A good business looking costume (just like if you were cosplaying as a news reporter or reader!)
  • Sending through a picture of yourself prior to filming so that I can get the idea of how you could present yourself on camera- you are totally okay to chat and talk to me via email before hand if you don’t feel comfortable in giving away any personal info like a photograph. Note that any personal information will be kept confidential and strictly only used by myself and anyone in the editing crew- which will most likely only be me.
  • Strong language skills- I have people working on this who English isn’t there first language, but as long as you can speak English and it is understandable it should be fine
  • All footage will be edited by myself, so any footage filmed can be sent to this email if personally recorded
  • All project work must be finished and completed by Friday the 11thof September.

The story behind the project:

“There was an event that started when I first entered the Red Dwarf fandom on Tumblr created by one of my new friends ‘rimmergazpachosoup’ called ‘The Red Dwarf Series Weeks’. Each week there would be a new series as the topic and each day would be a new episode. I really wanted to contribute but I had no skills at fan art, I had no idea how to make gifs and I didn’t know how to write fanfiction.

Some of the best things I love about Red Dwarf were always the behind the scenes material which I was always on the look out for. When the second week started, I knew the biggest thing was obviously going to be ‘Tongue Tied’. I had seen the original but I hadn’t seem the actual music video to it as- but I was surprised when I found out Danny had directed it and that there was a whole behind the scenes video! I just fell in love with the production and the funny bits from all the guys!

I knew not many people had seen the extra content, so I learnt how to make gifs so I could make a gif-set for the series week event. When I finally posted it, it went crazy! So many people loved the various comedic setup’s I had put in and they made me feel like I was an important part of the event.

I absolutely adore all of the boys but for some reason I was always drawn to the silly moments of Danny’s! My most popular posts were always ones featuring him, and I ended up becoming friends with many Cat fans, including my new best friend Kate. They all thought I had a lot of potential in creating content of Danny and his character- which led me to making more gif-sets, writing my own fanfiction story, and I even attempted a really terrible fan-art piece based on a conversation about “Cat being able to pull off anything- including a bottle green garbage bag!”

It was a really weird experience when I was just making up a speech after someone had pondered what it would be like if all the boys met their characters in BTE, and then a day later Kate, who is an amazing artist, sent me a fan-art of my quote! I ended up tweeting the picture to Danny himself and I remember the wonderful feeling I got when I told Kate that Danny loved her artwork- especially when I wrote the words for it!

I do remember that Chris’ birthday had come up when I first started in the fandom on Tumblr and how I wanted to do something for that too (I was too late for it- there’s always next year for the rest of the boys!), but when I first found out about #dannyjohnjulesday, I was determined to attempt to make something for Danny to give back all the kindness he has shown to his fans and all the happiness that his character have given to me personally.

I honestly wasn’t originally planning on making a huge production like this (and as I write this I’m still in the dark about whether this will work) but I knew I needed to do something.

He kept going on about how crazy it got on Twitter for his birthday last year, so I thought ‘what if it was like a major news story about this pandemic sweeping the world?’, so that’s how the news story idea came around. I really do hope that this idea works so I can show him some of my gratitude through the best way I know. It would’ve been awesome to be able to show him in person, but obviously living in Australia the chances of that is 0.00000001% haha!”

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