New unheard Rik Mayall work to be released!!

11703072_10207202575773504_3571426827925032029_nIt seems that Rik Mayall left behind quite the body of unreleased work before he died.
Chortle has revealed to day that Rik “narrated six fairytales before his death in June last year, originally as audiobooks. Then writer Mike Bennett made them into children’s animations, which will now be screened at the Greater Manchester Fringe.”

Bennett tells them: ‘They were certainly Mayall’s last work in terms of audio. We do our own twists on the Grimms and other writers. For instance, we’ve got Beauty and the Beast, but he utilises a lot of his own characterisations. It’s been remixed, let’s say that. They are completely different versions to the originals.’

He also sings the praises of the late comedians talents: ‘He was a wonderful guy to work with – very giving, very generous,’ he said. ‘I had to make everything socialist; Aladdin had to be a socialist.’

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