Red Dwarf XI: The first live recording and the week leading up to it …

CRIbjz0WEAAh8HiAfter months of hard work from the cast, crew and all those associated with Red Dwarf XI the first live recording took place on Friday night. We can’t tell you much, but we can tell you that it was a resounding success: a strong, funny tense and exciting story with strong acting from the entire cast.

The evening lasted close to four hours due to technical problems and a good amount of fluffs (a certain Craig Charles tripping rather inelegantly causing a big titter in the audience.)
The episode starred two guest actors, but mainly revolved around the fabulous foursome trying to deal with what happens to them.

Costume and set wise there were quite a few changes, except for Rimmer’s costume, which could well have been the same as in season X, though his hair has improved. The Cat’s look changed quite a bit as has Krytens while Lister is similar as in X but with a few adjustments.

Despite growing tired near the end and some actors getting a bit irked with some of the crew messing things up, the recording was a success.
There was a lot of praise for all the actors with especially Chris Barrie’s performance being highlighted as outstanding and a “return to the Rimmer of old”.
After the recording the audience as well as the actors seemed satisfied with the episode, though Chris was seen deep in discussion with Doug Naylor after the event.

Here are some Tweets from the days leading up to the big night (in one of them Danny John-Jules confirms a new song for Cat!!)

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