Red Dwarf XI recordings week 2 + pictures

By Andrew Lawston
By Andrew Lawston

On Friday night another week of hard work and long hours drew to a close for the boys from the Dwarf after another high energy live recording.

This time it was for a very Cat centred episode (the first one since Waiting for God) and Danny John-Jules gave a strong performance that was highly praise from the audience. He also had various costume changes.
The episode was fast paced, packed with laughs and several shocking and surprising moments (some of them harking back to past shows) and an interesting twist.
The mood was calmer compared to last week: the actors and the crew were calmer and knew their way now. The actors seemed far more cheerful and often came out to talk to the audience, as did Doug Naylor. Most surprising was seeing Chris Barrie and Craig Charles joke together after which Chris did a short stand up and several impressions: he seems a lot happier and more confident then he appeared during series X. Craig and Danny were particularly naughty during their chats. Craig was even cheeky enough to include a very saucy adlib in one scene, that had to be quickly reshot.
Most of the takes went smoothly (although poor Robert Llewellyn was suffering with some impossible lines,) the guest stars fitted in seamlessly and the cast all appeared to be having a lot of fun.

This week saw Robert LLewellyn share two messages with the fans and a live Periscope broadcast live from the set.

On Twitter he told the fans:

By: Andrew Lawston
By: Andrew Lawston

“Actors love to drone on about how tough TV is, ‘daaaarling, I’m utterly exhausted’ etc, but I think we can honestly say we work hard on RD
At the same time, we do laugh a lot, so I’m not complaining, (I get in make up at 6am tomorrow)
Yes, I have the rubber, but believe me, all the lines are tough, none of us have an easy ride

While on Google Plus he added:
“I cannot think of any way of describing the experience of being in this extraordinary show other than life absorbing.
We’re now well entrenched in our weekly routine of rehearsals and shooting and it’s going rather well.
I don’t say that in a big headed ‘aren’t I talented’ way as without question I am a minor cog in a very big machine. I’d be useless on my own, standing in an empty studio doing a Kryten walk.
Apart from Doug Naylor (writer/producer/director) and my fellow crew members there are so many people working around the clock to make this incredible show happen. The studio is a chaotic hive of activity from dawn to dusk, the four chairs in the picture are rarely used but we like looking at them.
It’s early days but it does feel like we’re making something a bit special.
We are working on series XI up to Christmas, then in January, we start on series XII.
They will be broadcast in the UK on Dave in 2016.
The smeggers are back…..again.”

While Danny’s main obsession this week was his bespoke “Cat Power” coffee.

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