Red Dwarf XI Episode 3 recording report

CRIbjz0WEAAh8HiQuite a different kind of atmos this week: with two episodes where the entire cast was involved (even though the second story was Cat centred) this week Kryten took centre stage. The android was faced with a difficult dilemma.
The second lead was Lister, leaving little space for the Cat (though he did get the biggest laughs) and Rimmer. In fact Rimmer was not in it much at all.
The two biggest scenes were reshot various times to get lines and camera angles exactly so resulting in various smeg ups. There were three guest stars and one of them particularly stood out – in a good way!! Also interesting was seeing Rimmer and Lister dressed differently to their usual get up in the first scene.
Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules seemed in good spirits – to Robert’s credit as he had a very difficult script to work with. Craig Charles on the other hand was in good form but seemed less patient then he usually is (well, he did have to rush off for a DJ gig straight after.) Still as the evening progressed he changed and begun to entertain the audience in his own special way.
Meanwhile Chris Barrie, already known as the most quiet member of the cast, was even more quiet than usual and appeared rather tired. It was interesting that Chris changed the moment the cameras ran: any tiredness was shrugged off and he performed his scenes perfectly, what a guy.

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