Red Dwarf XI Episode 4 recording report – The best yet?

ghhghgjgThe buzz before Friday’s recording was that this one would be different from all those that had gone before and afterwards the reactions on Twitter suggested it had worked.
Words like “amazing” and “best ever” were posted by satisfied fans that attended the recordings.

Before the taping it was revealed that this would be a big Rimmer episode. In his Periscope update Robert Llewellyn said “He’s very, very much in this weeks show. In fact we can’t really describe the sheer bulk of Rimmerage. It has got a whole lot more Rimmery this week.”
A massive and tough storyline that saw Chris Barrie separated from the cast for various scenes and was, according to one attendee: “An amazing show stealing tourdeforce by Chris Barrie”.
“He didn’t come and talk to the audience as much as the rest did, but he had a lot of costume changes so I put it down to that. He was absolutely superb in the episode.” says Ree Bowman.

The rest of the cast were also on great form with Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules especially being singled out. Craig Charles had less to do, but made up for this by entertaining the audience together with Ray Peacock (and bickering with Danny.)
Two guest stars with one essential to the plot in severe make up and there is a new Howard Goodall song!
Ree tells us that a certain electronic aid makes it’s return and also that it had “a few issues holding things”. There also were “a few line ‘fluffs’ but very very funny how the cast dealt with each one!”

Asked what episode she can compare it to, Ree says: “Like none before!!!”

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