Red Dwarf XI Episode 5 recording report – A difficult night …

imageedit_1_8702850431gThe recording of Red Dwarf XI Episode 5 was probably one of the toughest recording nights in the series history. Fire alarms, a malfunction, missing lines and long set changes all conspired against cast and crew.
The evening overran almost an hour, the latest they’d ever been. While Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles seemed to cope with this well enough Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn found it more difficult, especially when the latter couple had to do a very difficult dialogue scene near the end of the night.
Robert needed various retakes and even Chris lost his lines more than usual. Chris had already had some problems earlier in the evening and was at one point thrown by something that was rehearsed but didn’t happen the way he expected it. It apparently upset him enough to stop the scene for a minute.

Despite the difficulties all actors performed well and there were some hilarious Smeg Ups along the way with, Craig comparing the alarm with Danny singing and Mr Charles’ problem with a spray can and Robert waxing lyrical about “Poo-kindness” being a highlights (you had to be there.)
The story was a surprising cast adventure about a problem Rimmer has, with some aspects of the script harking back to the past, and a very interesting scene between Lister and Cat.

This weeks guest reporter Stephen Simpson talks us through the long, but fun, night:

Was the episode focussed on any particular character?

Not as such no. It was almost paired off into two ours of characters if I was being honest.

What episode can you most compare it to?
I’d say a cross between Justice & Marooned.

Any stand out performances?

Danny was very good as well as Robert with some pretty sizeable pieces of dialogue.

Any interesting smeg ups/technical problems?

Robert & Chris had one scene near the end of filming that took forever to get through as they were both getting things wrong during he scene.
Robert was swearing a lot but he’s always had a loose mouth.

Chris had a scene that required him pointing at a monitor screen. He pointed but people realised he used his middle finger which starts off my side giggling which permeated through the rest of the audience once they knew what was going on. Unscripted without doubt. Don’t think Chris knew at first until people started giggling. That then gave Robert & Chris fuel to have a bit of fun.

Chris looked a little lethargic but I put that down to being tired from pre records & a long day of filming leading up into the evenings live record. He also had a lot of pre-record work during & before last weeks filming as well.

It was fun…just long with the technical bits with the alarm and amount of Smeg ups. The amount of Smeg ups was pretty high this episode. Every cast member had problems at some stage but especially Chris & Bobby.

Was it true there was a fire alarm (there are rumours about Robert in just Kryten head and pants and Chris leading a Brittas style sing song)

It was true. As we were taking our seats the security as mentioned that it was going to go off. But I took advantage of the delay in the start of filming to go toilet so I think it happened then. Robert was out of costume but not in pants only but in a bodysuit type thing. I don’t remember any kind of song song with Chris???

Any tension in the cast? – There has been word of Craig and Danny bickering.

During this weeks filming and last weeks filming which I was at I didn’t witness anything id describe as bickering. I’d more describe it as “banter” between friends enjoying some jokes and poking fun at each other.

Thank to Stephen Simpson and Amy Rimmer

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Dannii Cohen is an author, producer and radio-host with a diploma in psychology. She is a former columnist for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective, The Gay UK and many other magazines.

2 thoughts on “Red Dwarf XI Episode 5 recording report – A difficult night …

  1. Can’t say there was any bickering between cast. Craig and Danny shared a “nailed it” fist bump after a string of re-takes during a fairly long dialogue scene. And that was right near the end of the night, where everyone was very much in overtime territory.

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