Red Dwarf XI Episode 6 recording report – The “nightmare” before Christmas

CRIbjz0WEAAh8HiThe last Red Dwarf live recording before the Christmas break was always going to be special, but when the writer and director both announced that it was going to be big and ambitious we all knew it would be VERY special and it was.
A big guest set, a huge guest cast and script changes till the last minute and an abrupt ending with two scenes left undone.
Here is this weeks guest report by Ali Green and Amy Rimmer.

Ed Moore and others working on the show called it ”The most ambitious episode in Red Dwarfs History” do you agree?

Amy: Yes, never seen anything like it!! Like a movie production.

Ali: Not sure I’d say it’s the most ambitious episode, I’d say it’s similar in ambition and not too dissimilar to Gunmen Of The Apocalypse.

What episode can you most compare it to?

Amy: Gunman!

Ali: I’d compare it to Gunmen and possibly Lemons also.

Any stand out performances from the regular cast?

Amy: Mostly a big ensemble piece, all fab. Danny had some big “woofers”.

Ali: No stand out performances, all cast used equal amounts I think.

How was the guest cast?

Amy: Very interesting. A comic real British comedy fans know has a funny guest part.

Ali: The guest cast was heavily used, a number a standout performances.

Any interesting smeg ups/technical problems?

Amy: A lot of swearing, and a real shaky start – lots of fluffing.

Ali: There were lots of smeg ups, one member of the guest cast purposely kept changing a punchline much to the audiences amusement!

Anything that caught your attention?

Amy: The ending. It just went no-where. I think there was supposed to be more, as warm up guy was still going on about more to come and that.
But suddenly everything just stopped.
Chris was really struggling at the start. At one point he needed a break to pull himself together or something. All the boys seemed a bit tired, but Chris
looked really worn out.

Ali: Something that caught my attention was that a member of the guest cast has been in Red Dwarf before but in a different and unrelated role.

Robert hinted at having to do something “musical” did this happen?

Amy: That was sooo funny. Really never expected that!!

Ali: Yes ha ha Kryten had something musical to do which was very amusing!

A big thank you to Ali Green and Amy Rimmer and a Merry Christmas to the cast and crew of Red Dwarf!!

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