Red Dwarf XII Episode 3 recording report – A Much Better Day

hhhbAfter a very tough night last week, the Boys from the Dwarf returned on Friday night for a rather more relaxed recording.
The episode has already received a lot of praise and has been compared to episodes like Meltdown (and not like Meltdown at all) stylistically.
Most interesting was that some scenes were not performed or played in but read live by the cast as they were not finished.
This means that the episode was probably heavily re-written beforehand.
Other sequences were shown on storyboard clips.

This weeks review comes from Becca Marriott.

Was this episode focussed on a particular cast member or a team effort?

This was a team effort episode

What episode can you most compare it to?

This episode was very much like it would fit in with series4 or 5.

Any stand out performances (from the cast?)

All 4 of the main cast had very important rolls in this episode.

Any special guest stars or guest performances?


Any interesting smeg ups/technical problems?

All 4 were getting lines wrong or forgetting what it was they needed to say.

They all needed to read the script again to remember and went on to perform the lines very well.

Craig also managed to break a wall prop which we all had to then wait till they fixed it.

Danny was very entertaining singing to us and Chris even managed a Kenneth Williams impression.

Anything that caught your attention?

The storyline for this episode was fantastic and fans are going to love this episode.

There were many funny lines and one very funny scene that had all in stitches.

There wasn’t a talk over for the story boards, but all 4 had to record a scene with just their voices.

Chris didn’t really have any moments with the audience. Just did a quick Kenneth Williams impression.

Danny and Robert were the most entertaining on the night.

Will there be many special effects?

Yes there will be a few in this episode.

Although we have seen what you can see without the effects, we could see what the end result will be.

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