Red Dwarf XII Episode 5 recording report – Deliverance …



As recordings of Red Dwarf XII progresses the cast are exhausted but strangely seem to get more cheerful, according to the fans visiting the live recordings of episode 5.

This weeks review by Andy Holland and Amy Rimmer

Andy Holland

Was this episode focussed on a particular cast member or a team effort?

While there was some focus on one particular character this week, in terms of screen time, I’d say it was ultimately a team effort. Lister and Kryten took the lion’s share of the plot while Cat and Rimmer had the pleasure of delivering a liberal smattering of character-based and visual gags.

What episode can you most compare it to?

While some of the more perilous moments in the story felt like series IV or V of Red Dwarf, I’m not sure this episode would slot especially neatly into either; it’s a refreshing new spin on a strong dystopian idea. In many ways, elements of the plot and dialogue were very reminiscent of the Grant Naylor novels.

Any stand out performances (from the cast)?

The cast were all on top form tonight. Their performances were much more akin to those we enjoyed during my favourite series (IV – VI) though that’s not to say they don’t have chance to play some of the dialogue and showcase their talents in slightly unexpected ways.

Any special guest stars or guest performances?

There were several guest stars – one of whom I was personally very pleased to see.

Any interesting smeg ups/technical problems?

This evening’s recording began with a minor curtain malfunction which meant that the grand unveiling of the set failed in its usual elegance. Nonetheless, the crew quickly resolved the problem – albeit only after giving Robert chance to happily fill the time with the first potty-mouthed quip of the night.

Other than this, technically, the recording appeared to be very smooth, finishing dot on 10pm.

The cast, however, supplied many a smeg up, including age-old favourites – Robert slipping into the spare head three persona, and an apt recital of ‘get your lines right Bobby and there’s a bag of chips in it for ya’ – as well as plenty of original delight, including all four members of the cast imitating camp American-sitcom characters or (as I’ve since discovered) quoting portions of the movie Deliverance.

While all the cast had opportunity to interact with the audience, my favourite tonight was Robert – a true entertainer. He often remained in character after fluffing a line, prompting him to slap a “naughty chair” for not allowing him to sit down properly, and quipping that he’s an old man trapped inside the character. “We’re so professional and mature, ladies and gentleman”.

If Chris appeared tired at previous recordings, there was no sign of that tonight. It’s fair to say that he seems the quieter of the four – Craig and Robert often being the most interactive with the audience – but this is in no way reflective of his energy levels, performance or rapport with the rest of the cast.

Anything that caught your attention?

This is a strong episode with quality story and a delightfully wonderful closing scene that received a hearty applause from the audience.

The production values are second-to-none. The sets, the lighting and the cinematography ensure I’ve no doubt the series will look splendid on many a repeat blu-ray viewing.

There have been many discussions online about Kryten’s costume. Ed Moore’s spoiler-laden Instagram gives readers opportunity to decide for themselves. Personally, I’m torn.

Will there be many special effects?

Doug informed us at the beginning of the recording that this episode would feature a fair amount of visual effects. The rough drafts shown to the audience suggest that the end result will be visually appealing and give opportunity to cheekily throw in one of the rudest gags we’ve seen on Red Dwarf in a while.

Amy Rimmer

Was this episode focussed on a particular cast member or a team effort?

A team effort with focus on Lister.

What episode can you most compare it to?

The Better Than Life book with a smidgen of Father’s and Suns and reminded me of series 1 and weirdly a bit of Black Mirror. Quite a dark episode.

Any stand out performances (from the cast)

Craig Charles brought dramatics and Chris Barrie was really bringing the comedy – though he did play a few serious scenes beautifully.

Any special guest stars or guest performances?

A couple, good they were too. One I think I knew..

Any interesting smeg ups/technical problems?

Chris Barrie was really different from all the other times I visited, a lot more cheerful. He still didn’t interact with the audience much but bantered with the cast. at one point he Robert and Danny did really camp American voices (remember Happy Families?) and acted a scene like that for fun. They also quoted at length from a movie called Deliverance.

Craig and Robert bantered with the audience the most. Robert was really sweary and Craig shared sweets. They and Danny sat in the audience at various points.

The shooting was delayed a lot by a curtain malfunction.

Anything that caught your attention?

A lot of throwbacks to the past but good. A bit like Doctor Who in the anniversary season. As we are approaching Red Dwarf’s 30th round the time this is broadcast I approve muchly.

Also lots of jokes about the character’s health and age in the show. I had a natter about that with a runner in the bar – heard some interesting gossip, but can’t share here, obvs.

Will there be many special effects?

Some very good things are coming. As they were a bit behind in filming, as we know, they couldn’t really show in the pre records but they explained the plans and it’s very interesting.

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