Join birthday projects for Red Dwarf’s Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn

djxiv_saturday_robertchrisTwo Red Dwarf starts are celebrating birthdays this month and you could be part of it!

On March 10th Robert Llewellyn will turn 60 (!!) while Chris Barrie will be 56 on March 28.

You could be part of a project to make their days extra special.

Project Robert

The project for Robert has a story that consists of a plot of a ‘Llewellyn’ historian who has devoted their life to researching Bobby to put into the Llewellyn encyclopedia, but the heightening of the drama comes when inside sources have different opinions of his favourite word, where the historian assumes it’s ‘extraordinary’. This will lead into a montage of every last clip of Bobby saying the word, before cutting to birthday messages as seen in the previous project.
What is needed:

– Help scouring through particularly Bobby’s side projects for extraordinaries (Carpool, Fully Charged, Scrapheap etc.)

– Fanart
– Video birthday wishes 
– People that would like a small role as ‘word’ debators against extraordinary
Now this project is a lot smaller of a video because of the time frame between the 2 birthdays, but every person who participates is appreciated by not only the fandom, but Robert himself.

Be fast: Submissions have to be in by March 4!!

If you would like to participate, here is how you can:

Email here for info

Project Chris

The project is called: “What Chris Barrie Means to Me”

Over the years a lot of fans have said that Chris means a lot to them and helped them though dark times. Here you can tell him about it.

If he is special to you in another way, you can talk about that too.

You can do it any way you want record a video where you talk, act, dress up or give him the Rimmer salute.

You can create art or just write in.

You can even leave your message on this page if you want.

Danny John-Jules has promised to pass all wishes on to Chris so he will read/see them all.

Submissions for the video must be received by no later then Monday the 22nd of March- NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you need more info contact or

Looking forward to seeing your work!!

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