Upcoming works

“Dwarfology: The Psychology of Red Dwarf”
AKA analyzing Rimmer.
A book that looks at the use of psychology in Red Dwarf featuring essays from fans.

50 things you Need to Know About Asexuality

Asexuality explained in an easy way.

Being Ace; Asexuals Speak Out

What is it like to be asexual, what do aces think about their representation in the media? Here asexuals tell their own story.

Doctor Who The Hybrid magazine
*Her Only Fear* a story on Clara Oswalds mental health and her connection to the Doctor will be featured in a Doctor Who charity magazine.

Doctor Who The Animated Project

An animated Doctor Who project featuring the 8th Doctor.

Red Dwarf the Smeggyverse

An animated Red Dwarf project. Trailer here

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