Children’s books

In the coming months a few of my children’s picture books will be published. They are designed to help children with those difficult subjects in life: identity, depression, looking after, self esteem and much more.

Here is a sneak preview from “When Clouds Hide The Sun” my book about childhood depression, which will be released in September. It’s about a little girl called Stephanie who has a great life, but sometimes she becomes unhappy for no reason.

“I am happy most of the time …

But sometimes I feel so very sad.

So sad I think I might never be happy again.

It can happen at any time, out of no-where.

I call it: when clouds hide the sun.

You know how on a bright summers day suddenly a cloud can move over the sun and everything goes dark? That’s what I mean. Suddenly all the joy is gone.”

The books being released are:

When Clouds Hide The Sun

Christopher the Lonely Bear

Why Plants Need Water


Carol’s Scary Birthday