Dr The Rik Mayall, pan-global phenomenon

RikAfter Rik Mayall died, it was surprising to realise that there has never been a book that chronicled his life and career.
Even his own book “Bigger than Hitler – Better than Christ” was more a fictional book than an autobiography, written in character.

This seems such a shame and an injustice. If one mam deserves to have his history chronicled it’s Rik Mayall.
Yes, there have been interviews about him, articles that discussed his history, but nothing truly in-depth.

There is so much more!!

What about the wonderful stories about the Rik Mayall behind the character the man so many people mentioned in interviews and Tweets after he passed?

What about those amazing years in the 80’s when he created Kevin Turvey, The Young Ones and Alan B’stard.? These facts should be out there for the fans of Rik to read about, to remember, to feel part of in a way.

His work on more low key projects that may have even passed fans by.

Then there are his later years. The decade in which he created some amazing characters in movies but was ignored by the media and establishment.

This will all be collected and chronicled in upcoming volume: Dr The Rik Mayall, pan-global phenomenon. A tribute to Rik Mayall his life and career.

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