Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn get’s fitted for his new Kryten suit

Proof if we needed it that the new series of Red Dwarf are getting closer!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Barrie talks Red Dwarf series series 11 rumours and his views on series 10 in new video interview

Rik Mayall “I wanted Bottom to return now, Adrian wants it in 10 years time”

RikyIn a new interview with the Belfast Telegraph Rik Mayall finally gives his version of the events that led to the cancelation of the new series of Bottom. Read the rest of this entry »

So wonderful!! David Bowie returns with new song: Where Are We Now (Video)

We’ve been waiting so long, but he is finally back, on his birthday!! David Bowie has released his first new song in 10 years, hear it here:

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