Bipolar Disorder Is Like Having Two Serious Illnesses at Once

Comedians are more likely to suffer from mental health issues

HartWalliamsComedians may be more prone to conditions similar to bipolar disorder which could be the secret to being funny, the British Journal of Psychiatry has found this because they may be more disposed to “high levels of psychotic personality traits”. Read the rest of this entry »

Sinéad O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus was wonderful Miley’s response … not …

SineadYesterday Sinead O’Connor published an open letter to Miley Cyrus. This was a response to the tongue wagging singer claiming her new video was inspired by Nothing Compares 2U Read the rest of this entry »

‘I tried to kill myself last year’ – Stephen Fry

FryStephen Fry has revealed that he tried to take his own life last year.

Speaking to Richard Herring on Monday night for Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, the actor, who suffers from bipolar disorder, said he is constantly on medication to ensure he doesn’t get too hyper or too depressed. Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen Fry admits he has presented whole episodes of QI with such severe depression he “wanted to die”

Stephen Fry says he has experienced depression so great that at times he has “wanted to die” even while hosting television quiz QI.

The actor and writer said during a talk on depression at the Hay Festival yesterday that he had “done whole episodes of QI where I have wanted to die… My lips are moving but I do not want to be.” Read the rest of this entry »

Ruby Wax in retreat to recover from depression

Funny lady Ruby Wax is not feeling funny right now. Even though campaigning tirelessly for the foundation (a social space where you can read more about mental health issues and discover your tribe), she has come to Twitter to reveal she is once more suffering a low. Ruby, who is bipolar, revealed Read the rest of this entry »

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