Happy Birthday Rik Mayall

RikRik Mayall would have been 58 today. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Birthday Cliff Richard!!

Danny John-Jules birthday video released

hjgyyA few weeks ago I reported on Rebekah’s Danny John-Jules birthday video project. Today, on “Danny John-Jules Day” the finished product has been released.
Watch it here in all it’s glory. Read the rest of this entry »

Be part of the the International Danny John-Jules day video

28512It is everyone’s favorite Cat’s birthday soon, and one fan is creating an amazing project for this day!! Read her story here: Read the rest of this entry »

On Rik Mayall’s Birthday: Why Comic Relief should pay tribute to the rebel that put them on the map!

imagesIHL963Z1Today marks what would be Rik Mayall’s 57th birthday. It’s the first milestone since his tragic early death last year.

Rik was one of my first comic loves. He “raised” me, in a way, and yes I might be more prone to thinking in double entendres as a consequence, but it left me an open minded free spirited person too. His work made a difference for me and many of my generation and for many “young ones” as well. He kicked against those in power and said that you should be who you want to be.
His character in Bottom Richard Richard was a pan-sexual gender queer and no-one was bothered by it. Least of all Rik: he loved to toy with peoples minds and expectations, most of his characters were bi in some shape or rebels.

Rik always wanted to be (More)

Happy Birthday Chris Barrie !! – A video tribute


BirthdayToday is the birthday of a beloved comedy star: Mr Chris Barrie turns 53 today!!
In celebration of Mr Barrie/Mr Brittas/Mr Rimmer watch some great videos here!! Read the rest of this entry »

Happy 55th birthday Rik Mayall and welcome back!!

AlanIncredible as it may sound, eternal Young One Rik Mayall has turned 55 today.Thankfully, after years of absence this milestone year also marks a bit of a comeback on TV. Rik will star in the Jonathan Creek Easter special and there are rumours of a recurring part in the new series of the show that will follow later this/next year.
A few videos of rare Rik moments.rik-mayall Read the rest of this entry »

So wonderful!! David Bowie returns with new song: Where Are We Now (Video)

We’ve been waiting so long, but he is finally back, on his birthday!! David Bowie has released his first new song in 10 years, hear it here:

Happy Birthday David Bowie!!! A special video tribute!!

Especially for Mr Bowie’s 65th birthday: some special rare video’s of the superstar we all hope will return to us soon!! Read the rest of this entry »

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