Earl Slick : “Will David Bowie come back? I don’t know.” “Did we have fun? Yes”

Guitarist Earl Slick has talked about the rumoured comeback of Starman David Bowie. “We stay in touch, but on a casual basis. ‘Cause he doesn’t seem to have

Twiggy reveals: “Vogue didn’t want David Bowie on it’s cover” as new Bowie music based movie is released

In a recent interview with the Edmonton Sun in Canada about her new album Twiggy reveals how her iconic cover of the `Pin Ups` album with David Bowie came about.

Could David Bowie be returning to us?

After years of quietness suddenly there are murmurs in camp Bowie. Recently there was the announcement that he is poised to walk away from EMI. Even though the record label is in trouble, it isn’t something he had to do if he was not planning on making music in the future. Now he has agreedContinue reading “Could David Bowie be returning to us?”